Technology is developing by the time so hugely through the history and it is providing many contributions to the human life.  One of the important technological innovations is internet and also the most effective one is internet about the people’s daily life. In addition internet changes our routines, traditions, wishes or many things. Namely if we look at the technology from the outside, it effects human life in terms of positive or negative.

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Nowadays, people can reach much information only how click a button on their computer thanks to the internet. In addition people can go to the all corners of the world by the mediation of vertiginous internet and they can see all of the places on over the world.

Developments which force our imagination are gained with the rapid development of electronic technology and using in daily life. As a result of the technological products is much cheaper, society passed from a structure which is given only to people who get the chance to use it, to an order which everyone can use. Moreover communication facilities are increased extraordinarily. Thus, the millions of people have many possibilities which they can bring their individual capabilities in the foreground began to produce in every sphere. Much information are begun to share by the wide communication networks. Internet is a great synergy system which will be effective over the humanity became a significant part of life on century 21. (Kurtoğlu, 2001) In Bournemouth University have done a research simultaneously in Asia, Africa, Europe, South and North America and 530 university students attended this research. In addition internet, mobile phone, television and radio using is forbidden for them. According to research requires, it will take 24 hours and they can only read book and use immobile phone. But students began to show stress symptoms when the 24 hour is not finished. In this research, some results are determined; students feel themselves like abstracted from the world. And they had missed listening to music, but mostly accessing to Facebook. (Özbaş Lüle, 2010) We understand from this research that, internet, computer, or any technological tools are main lines of our life and we have become that cannot think a life without them.

Social Sharing Sites

With web2.0 movement, internet became a sharing environment and then social networking, social media, intercommunication and interaction became very common on over the world. (Büyükşener, Web2.0 ile değişen etkileşim; Sosyal Ağlar ve Sosyla Medya Anlayışı) Individuals compose their profiles as open or semi-open, and they share in there many things, in addition the other people who are in this network, can see their identities which are entered the profile, also all people can add to their profiles their photos, various videos or many things…  For instance these websites are Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, MySpace, Hi5, or etc. In these websites people can meet unfamiliar people to themselves, so this looks like an entertaining and attractive to mostly young people. Popularities of these sites increase perhaps because of this feature. Visibilities of profiles in social networking sites are changeable according to the websites and user’s preferences.

Facebook emerged only in Harvard, in 2004. And then in 2005 it became a high school networking in 2005, afterwards it consists of corporate networks in 2006 and finally it was opened for everyone through to the end of the 2006. (Büyükşener, Sosyal Ağların Siyasî Örgütlenmedeki Değeri) In this way social networking is inserted in human life easily and slowly and it became an enormous part of our life. Now I guess there are no people who don’t have any social networking account, from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, or any sites. Because everybody is in there now, all people connect each other by these mediums. Now people are communicating mostly via the internet because of this everyone knows what the others did, have done or are doing now. Therefore now there is no privacy about people’s life, who is she or what is he doing now or where had she been? You can learn all the answers of the questions from the internet, everyone can learn this and they can also comment about that. In here also all political, religious or ideological ideas could be share, everything what do you want to say, you can. Therefore, social media ushered a new era about connection to people who live in all over the world.

Social Media

Sharing and dialogs between individual each other creates social media. Social networks, blogs, micro blogs, instant messaging programs, chat sites, forums such as the one with one of the people providing the content and share information thanks to the web sites and applications the opportunity to reach Internet users accessing the content they’re looking for and interested. (Sosyal Medya)

Nowadays social media developed hugely and it is using by many people and also it spreads to a wide area by its users. Therefore if a person want to publish any news, complain or idea, this is seen by friends of this person, also friend’s friend even. In this way in a minute, these people can see immediately these news and they can comment on. In addition, if we consider that, why the brands give their product’s advertisements mostly on social media? The cause of this; now social media consist more people than traditional media, for instance television. Also it is cheaper and profitable than the traditional media. If we tackle the social media in terms of political, it is so effective on people. The first country which recognizes and throws the necessary steps is United States of America, because individuals in the world and the voters prevent of the politicians and political parties. Barack Obama was selected as the most effective politician user the social media in American Presidency Selection on November 4 2008. (Dünya, 2010 ) Twitter is important in this issue, Obama became successful thanks to this site but in Iran selections Twitter realized a revolution with it.

I want to give as an example, let’s remember the day September 12 2010 referendum in Turkey. It was an election about coup, people should say “Yes” or “No” as vote to referendum. This had a significance in terms of the folk and state. But some people were against about this referendum, they said “No”. In conclusion people wined who said “Yes”. In this issue, we cannot ignore contribution of media, especially social media. Many blogs, pages, websites were opened for referendum and all people argued through months. They struggle to affect each other leading to yes or no. On social media, virtual elections were made and questionnaires have done by social media users. Because people are not sleeping now, they struggle to find the best preference about their country. Therefore they are searching the right one of the presented. Because of they could not interfere to TV, so they lead to social media, social networking. People argue, tell something the others, and read have written about the referendum.

Iranian Elections of 2009

In the Iranian elections against part of voters to Ahmedinecat used the social media before the election but especially after the election used the social media actively, because they think that there is a tricky in election results. Therefore they revolted to the results and began to establish some links with people who agree with themselves. They spread to social area and they have done exchange of information about election and struggled to affect each other. Especially Twitter was used mostly and people protested the candidate Ahmedinecat. And also people opened against groups in Twitter. In addition after the election, some violence events occurred and then this event were published by Twitter, so Twitter became an important social sharing site immediately. (Yılmaz, 2009) In here we see that, social media has much significance about communication between people, because they write almost their every moment on Twitter. After the election and this event, Twitter was forbidden by Iranian government. In this way they impress the other people with their criticism about Ahmedinecat and then they become affective over the people’s behaviors. In addition ABD was working to spread Twitter in Iran; this was also the other issue.

Thinkers present the two against theoretical perspectives about the effect of the internet in political area, these are mobilization and strengthening. Mobilization Theorists claims that thanks to attractiveness of internet, the distance will shrink between ruling and managed people, in this way immediate democracy will become powerful. Strengthening Theorists claims that internet enforces the social inequalities and existing patterns in political participation. (Saydam, 2010) In my opinion in Iranian elections of 2009, people being close the government with social media, because they can interfere to the elections with propagandas and protests hugely. Therefore I agree with the first one, because like civil societies, also social media is a medium between people and the state. People can make their voices heard thanks to this type of tools and they can interfere when there are any inequalities or injustice in government.

After the presidency elections in Iran, people who support Musavi made propagandas with the huge media institutions thanks to the Twitter and Facebook. The first time, the most important broadcasters, including CNN, left behind of visual material and information published via the internet, in addition for the first time in the world and still people in a virtual environment so clearly expressed their reactions. (Bahar, 2009) We see in here, controlling the mass protests from the Twitter for instance, is so hard; people can do everything on there. Government could not follow each of these types of sites, therefore Iran government preferred to forbid the using of communication tools after the presidency election. To reach the speed of the social media is not mortar of mainstream media, because in there people share immediately what they have any information, picture or etc. They are always online on Twitter or Facebook, when an event occurred, news is shared on the social media and people comment on if they want to. Communication is so fast, therefore the social media became so effective on the Iranian Elections.

Iran management had received the signal, at first Facebook and then such as Flickr, YouTube, Blogger, Friend Feed, Twitter, accessible to the social media sites is forbidden. Even on the Election Day, if there is any suspect cell phone, mobile phone communication network was made impossible by signal mixing apparatus. Sms could not send even, TV channels were interrupted by unknown ways. After the selection process the twelve public sites which are selected as target were made not working. Pirates taught the ways of participation to cyber action of ordinary users in discussion forums. (Kuzuloğlu, 2009) Namely communication was impossible at that time immediately by Iran government. Therefore after elections people were conditioned more and they lead to the social media. In this way, we see that, every detail is now saved and shared social events, on the agenda of state control, censorship is impossible, and would work in no unusual areas of social media.


People lead to the more attractive, useful or beneficial one during the giving any decisions time. Therefore if state doesn’t hide the real and if folk is valuable according to state, people don’t be rebel, and they don’t revolted against to state. When the voters aware of the tricky, their trusts are destroyed. In this way folk lead to other ways to get real information. Therefore, now Iran should achieve folk’s trust, it should appease the people, in this way it hold power on its hand. If it doesn’t, folk never trust to government and they always revolted to management. Social media can realize everything; an intelligent president doesn’t neglect his folk and say lies. If he does, they organize and people do rebellion. Already divorced from society, politics, public liaison walking thoroughly weakened. Society increases the distance with political institutions which walked in front of further. There is nothing to say of politics which falling behind the society.

For this reason, political institutions which have the task of building the future of our country must be aware of this impasse that has fallen and they must do without losing time his best to arrive and get rid of the inevitable.


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