Radicalism is a term using in political sciences since 18th century. This term means that struggling and supporting to produce extreme political reforms which consists changes which affects the social orders largely. In addition radicalism appeared in Great Britain, and first radicalism appeared as a reaction to his authority policy in period of George III during the matter of Wilkes. Moreover this policy came to nowadays from the past, also United States keep going on its radical policy towards other nations or other faiths out of itself.

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Many countries keep this policy, for instance; German people don’t like about Turks and Muslim people. In addition German society and also government keep the Islamic political radicalism. Therefore they think that; “The prays of the Muslim should be forbidden.” They  have become rigid  this  much.  They  show  the  Muslims  as  enemy  or  dangerous.  In  fact  Muslim  people  are  so  useful   for  the  economies  of  the  countries  which  they  have  lived.  But  however  the  other  people  have  some  fears  about  Muslims.  Besides  in  a  book  which  is  read   in  Denmark,  there is  a  sentence;  “All  Muslims  are  not  a  terrorist,  but  all  terrorists  absolutely   are  Muslims.”  I  guess  this  thought  is  false  accusation  and  prejudice.  I  think  people  should  not  judge  only  their  religions,  because  in  addition we  can  evaluate  people  according  to  their  culture,  manners,  education  or  about  many  things.  A  literature  scientist  Kay  Sokolowsky criticized  that; Muslim  people  can  be  under  suspicion  easily.  For  instance;  when  there  are  a  crime  between  Muslims,  all  of  them  look  like  guilty  according  to  German  people.  They  say that,  this  is  normal  and  not  exception   in  Muslims.  Sokolowsky  thinks  that,  this  means  Islamophobia.  (Alman medyası İslam düşmanı mı?).  I  think  also  if  we  consider  the  dynamics  of  the  21th century,  AB  how  is  mono cultured ,  it  don’t  seem  its  future  bright  and  favorable,  because  it  should  consist  variety.

I  want  to  give  an  example  so-called  radical  Islamism; about  Vahhabi  movement (denomination), the  leader  of   this movement   is  Muhammed  Bin  Abdulvahhab.  Also  this  denomination  appears  against  to  Sunni  and  Shiite.   For instance  in  this  movement  smoking  is  forbidden  by  religion  and  they  are  so  strict  about  this.  According  to  a  rumor  about  being  appear  of  Vahhabi  movement, Englishes  cause   missionary  work  and  espionage  activities.  Anyway,  in  my  opinion  these  are  symbolic  movements,  some  institutions  is  stimulating  some  people  to  disparage  Islam  religion.  These  issues are  always  go  on  like  that  by  some  Zionists.  The  most  powerful  state  of   nowadays  is  USA,  because  USA   played   both  ends  against  the  middle.  It  instigate  the  other  competitor  of  itself,  and  in  this  way  only  itself  remains  in area  as  powerful  state.  One  more  example  about  this  issue  I  want  to  give,  I  had  watched  on  TV  part  of  a series “Tek  Türkiye”,   it  means  “Unique  Turkey” .  This  is a  critical series  about  terrorism.  I  pay  attention  a  part  of  it,  the  terrorists  had weared  same  with  our  Turkish  soldiers,  afterwards  they  went  to  a  village  and  killed  a  lot  of  innocent   people.  Their  aim  is  to  disparage  Turkish  soldiers  crowd  shot  in  addition  they  want  to  make  people   against  to  the  state.  Namely  what  I  explain  in  here,  if  a  state,  person  or  anyone  want  to  unique  powerful  and  controller, it  destroys  them  which  are  around  it.

On one hand, i  want  to  mention  about  anti-islamism  and  islamophobia.  Initially  islamophobia  means  that  western  societies  have  fear, hate,  look  down  and  accusation  about  Islam  and    Muslim people  as  sociological  perspective.  On  the  other  hand  anti-islamism  is  an  antagonism  how  is  conscious,  organized  and  deliberate ,  against  to  Islam  and  Muslim   people  especially  in  the  area  of   media  and  diplomacy.  Moreover  it  is   Denmark  that   recently   caricature  crisis  issue  was  item  of  the  agenda  in  terms  of  the  islamophobia  and  antiislamism.  In  fact  in  my  opinion  causes  of  Islamic radicalism  are  islamophobia  and  antiislamism.  In  addition   as  i  have  mentioned  that,  Vahhabi  movement

Muslims  who  are  in  France,  the government  is  not  conservative  towards  to  the  Muslim people  about  their  religious  beliefs.  For  instance  in France,  religious  nuptials  had  removed  because  of  the  secularity  of  the  state,  and  there  is  only  formal  nuptials  for  marriage.  In addition  female  students  cannot  enter  to  the  school  with  their  headscarves.  (Özcan)  Meskhetian  Muslims  during  World  War  II  as  a  citizen  of  the  Soviet  Union  never  did  betray  their  country.  An  important  part  of   Turks  who  living in Meskhetia  was living in the villages  .  Thus,  Stalin  was  taken,  the Turks  Hemsins  and  the  Kurds  to  be  deported   decision  is  not  linked  with  the  socialist  ideology.  Because  there  was  no  relation  with  their  bourgeois  class.  Stalin  for his  own  country,  has decided to create a homogenous majority of Georgian population  in  the  Georgia.  There is a clear decision in the middle of ethnic cleansing.  In  addition  with  this  decision  approximately  more  than  17.000  families  were   expatriated  to  the  Middle  Asia  steps.

According to a study conducted in England after the events of September 11 and London bombings, many young British Muslims themselves marginalized and attacked by British police and the media feel. Islamic ‘Think Tank’ report released by the Center for Political Studies in the UK provider of Muslims after the events of September 11 and London bombings have to prove that they can be felt by both British and Muslim is knowledge. Britain’s role in Iraq and Afghanistan, the report also said Muslims felt the pressure increases, such as a menace to society touted by the media themselves are expressed in left exposed to attack. (Akyıldız) According to Think Tank institution many British Muslim Youngers not only fear from the policemen but also they suppose that they are marginalized by the policemen. In my opinion Muslim people are disparaged by the others because of their religious beliefs. Also I think this thought and disparage policy comes from the state. The cause of everything, movements or rebellions from the society is government, because it is state which makes people unhappy and troubled, therefore we should not blame other than the state. It is the state that proceeds the policy about every people who live in.

The other issue that the Muslim people have lived in the France. Be fined 750 euros in France who wear burqa after the racist initiative came from Italy at the request of an application. The city of Trento, Italy Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition partner, the Northern Union Party (KBP), the provincial council wanted to disallow the entry of Muslim workers. City Council President Giovanni Kessler, KBP’li this request from members, “can not be discrimination on the grounds had turned down. Alessandro Savo Group Head of the Provincial Assembly of Trento KBP, writing an official letter, the Muslim workers to enter the official authorities in order to clean the “security threat” and described it as “Muslim workers do not want in our offices. Tables are sensitive information. They deal with them can pass, “the opinion said. Savo “We are a party exhibiting a clear stand on Islam. This is due to religion, and then passing the workers in our offices, the computers will not be appropriate to touch on in terms of such security is dangerous, “he said. Position of the main opposition Democratic Party, member of city council members Dorigatti Bruno, “if they are so anxiety about their offices, wash themselves. This is one of the attacks of classic KBP inciting racial hatred, “he said. As we see in here, there are strictly and obviously a fear and inhibition towards the Muslims. A statement by the trade union CGIL Trento, KBP of the proposal “clearly racist” as specified, mosque imams in Trento Ebulhayr Bregheşe “This is a complete comedy. Someone over Muslims in pursuit of making its own propaganda, “he saidDinleyinFonetik olarak okuyun. We see obviously discrimination and marginalizing about Muslim people. (We don’t want to Muslim worker in our offices.)

I want to mention as conclusion about Great Middle East project, American Israel-centric policies of the chaos created by the “Great Middle East Project” in all countries of the people of the country denationalization and dehumanizing project. In my opinion the main aims of this project destroying and crushing the Muslim societies. In addition if Israel don’t battle and kill, it couldn’t exist through the centuries. As our prime minister said that: you know to kill very well (Israel)!

Everywhere of the World, there is so much discrimination; exploitation and work about destroy the Muslims. I suppose that this spitefulness, fear, intolerance or something like that towards the Muslims will conclude on a day. But until this is the end many people will suffer because of this situation. I hope this process don’t take up many time.

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